Welcome to PM&AM Research!

Founded in 1998, PM&AM Research specializes in basic, focused, and applied research in support of:

  • National Defense
  • Environmental imaging/monitoring/exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Other technologies critical to maintaining a domestic advantage

The multi-faceted PM&AM Research team is capable of solving complex cross- disciplinary problems. Our unique blend of computational, analytical and experimental expertise allows us to develop new technologies and product lines for each project we pursue. This parallel effort enables us to develop effective R&D programs for air, land, sea, and space applications. Our facilities in Tucson, AZ, College Station, TX and Kona, HI, as well as our various collaborations allow us to address/investigate programs in every possible environment. For more information on the various technologies that PM&AM Research actively matures, please see the “Technology” link above.

The PM&AM Research team’s greatest strengths are flexibility and responsiveness, and we approach each project from a unique vantage point.

For consultation in solving complex physical, computational, or mathematical problems, or assistance in developing a system, please contact us today.

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